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The German Association of Building Biology Professionals VDB e. V.

  • Is a Germany-wide network of experts for the detection and prevention of health risks associated with physical, chemical, and microbiological contaminants in indoor environments.
  • Uses building biology as a method to analyze and assess the impact of the built environment on human health.
  • Promotes continuing education and quality assurance among its members and contributes to the standardization and widespread use of the Building Biology Testing Methods (e.g. VDB guidelines).
  • Supports its members in the development of their careers and evolving professional interests as well as in the cooperation with partners in Germany and worldwide.
  • Provides its expert and support members with a platform for networking and exchanging ideas, knowledge, and experience.
  • Provides a helpline for the public at 0049 4183 – 77 35 301 from Monday to Friday (9 a. m. to 4 p. m. CET) and an online search option at www.baubiologie.net to find a certified building biology professional locally.

Association structure

The most important event of the association is the Annual General Meeting where members elect the Board of Directors. The Board is supported by the executive director and staff members of the VDB office. The Quality Assurance Technical Committee consists of at least one member from each expert group. There are currently three expert groups: Physics, Chemistry, and Microbiology. Each VDB member is part of an expert group and can actively get involved in creating content for technical meetings and other subject-related tasks.    

Networking is important to us

Networking and interdisciplinary cooperation are not only important to our members, but to our association as a whole, as well. Our activities are based on a broad interdisciplinary approach, and we are eager to cooperate with other national and international associations, environmental physicians, legal experts, and building professionals.

Our members / experts

  • Perform building biology assessments for physical, chemical and microbiological agents to identify preventable indoor environmental pollution and to be able to develop and accompany effective remediation strategies.
  • Carry out their measurements and analyses according to reproducible scientific methods and incorporate the most up-to-date standards of practice through continuing education.
  • Make a serious commitment to extensive continuing education and quality assurance.
  • Use measuring and sampling devices that are subject to regular and documented quality assurance programs, including calibration, comparison measurements, and ring tests.
  • Can have their work externally assessed in regular intervals and apply for certification as a "VDB-certified Building Biology Expert" according to VDB specifications. The quality assurance requirements essentially correspond to the DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025 guideline.


Feel free to contact our executive director Sabine Müller-Dietrich if you have any questions.

Berufsverband Deutscher Baubiologen VDB e. V.
Roggenkamp 21, 21266 Jesteburg
Phone      04183 – 77 35 301
Fax          04183 – 77 35 302
E-mail      info(at)baubiologie.net
Web        www.vdb-baubiologen.de

You can find the current VDB Letter of Commitment and an application form at www.baubiologie.net/verband/ (in German).

What are building biology professionals doing?

What is building biology anyhow?

We are asked these questions a lot. This probably has to do with the fact that building biology covers a very broad range of topics. This makes it rather difficult to come up with a one-sentence answer.

Alex Stadtner, a colleague of ours in the US, made a short video to give you a quick answer. He has a great sense of humor with a healthy dose of self-deprecation. In his unique style, he does a great job of capturing the practical and holistic approach of building biology.

Watch a Funny Video about Healthy Buildings: www.youtube.com/watch

Additional resources in English

VDB Building Biology Indoor Environment Checklist

EUROPAEM EMF Guideline 2016 for the Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment of EMF-related Health Problems and Illnesses

Environmental Medicine Evaluation of Electromagnetic Fields

VDB – We Understand Buildings

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